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Carpenter Bee are surprisingly destructive little critters. So we are here to serve you and protect your home, porch or deck from destructive Carpenter Bees that bore and eat holes in the wood. These innovative Carpenter Bee Products will help you kill or deter them. All these items are simple, safe and effective. All products are environmentally friendly and free of harmful pesticides and poisons. Whether you want to Repel, Trap or Kill these pesky Carpenter Bees, we have what will work for you!

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Carpenter Bees love burrowing in soft woods. Much of the time the soft wood they find is your porch or deck. They are most active during the spring months in which they can quickly turn your porch or deck into swiss cheese. Which unfortunately will weaken the structural integrity.

How to get rid of Carpenter Bees???

The most popular and recommended way to protect your property is a Carpenter Bee Trap. Donaldson Farms by far the highest quality Traps. A trap covers every 15 feet. Whether you want to Repel, Trap or quickly Kill Carpenter Bees. We have what will best help you!


Question: Why are my traps not catching carpenter bees?

Answer: Carpenter bee traps need to be adjusted on your porch or deck every few days until they start catching the bees. Some areas, carpenter bees are blind to so small adjustments of a couple feet can make a HUGE difference.

Question: Are poisons used in these products?

Answer: No, all of our products are free from poisons and pesticides. Everything sold by Donaldson Farms is environmentally friendly.

Question: How many Carpenter Bee Traps do I need?

Answer: Each trap covers a 15ft radius.

Question: Do I need Attractant for my Carpenter Bee Trap?

Answer: While it’s not absolutely necessary. Carpenter Bee Attractant will greatly jumpstart and increase the chances of attracting the bees to the traps. It is recommend for best results.