Mason Bees

Pollinating insects are extremely important in the production of food. In 2016 a UN report stated that 40% of these types of insects were expected to be extinct soon.
Mason bees are one of the 4,000 species of bees native to North America. These solitary, tube nesting bees are very docile and are much more efficient pollinators than honey bees.
Mason bees nest in small diameter tubes and fill the ends with mud to protect their eggs until they hatch and grow out of them. Many people are beginning to place Mason bee houses to provide nesting areas to keep Mason bee populations close to their plants and using a natural attractant to help lure the bees to the area at first. Raising Mason bees is much easier and less expensive than honey bees.
With the threatened population of honey bees and other pollinating insects, Mason bees and other native bees are becoming more and more important for food production.
If you’ve ever been interested in bee keeping or just have a garden you want to produce well, Mason bees would be an easy but effective way to start!
Mason Bee 2Mason Bee 4mason bees

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