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Bug Zappers

Bug zappers, the big purple lighted, redneck entertainment center. That’s what most people think of when this pest control product is mentioned. It brings to mind a bunch of hillbillies sitting on the porch watching bugs be electrocuted with a loud pop!

Contrary to popular belief, bug zappers don’t have to be big, loud or tacky. Bug zappers come in many sizes and most of them are designed to be nearly silent. There are still plenty that are large and loud but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Why use a bug zapper? These are very eco-friendly pest control products. No poison sprays required. Just plug them in and let the bugs fly to their doom. Most models are now including an attractant as well to help lure even more pests to be zapped. The lure tablets usually consist of a high concentration of a chemical called Octenol.

Octenol is not used to kill the pests, just lure them to the zapper to be killed. Though said not to be toxic to touch or in the air, Octenol is considered a potential toxic substance if ingested.

Donaldson Farms offers an all natural bug zapper lure spray that has been found to be quite effective in drawing mosquitoes and other pesky bugs to bug zappers. Just follow the instructions and spray a little around the zapper and watch the show. The Donaldson Farms lure follows all EPA Minimum Risk Pesticide ingredient regulations so you don’t need to worry about potential toxic situations.

Bug zappers are a very effective way to control flying pests outside. Mosquito foggers or other airborne insect control products can be smelly or harmful to your health. Don’t overlook to good old bug zapper for a great eco-friendly and passive way to help control mosquitoes and other pests in your outdoor space this spring and summer.

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