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Japanese Beetles

Did you know? Japanese Beetles are an invasive species to the USA. These insects are very destructive to crops. Japanese Beetles were first discovered in America in 1916 when they appeared in New Jersey. They were brought to the USA from Japan in an infested shipment of Iris bulbs.
Japanese Beetles lay eggs in the ground which then grow into larvae that eat plant roots. These larvae can be very destructive to your lawn. Not only do you have to worry about grass damage from heat, drought, pets and pests from above ground, you now have an attack from below too!
Many reports show that applying nematodes to your lawn with a common sprayer attachment can help fight against Japanese Beetle larvae in the ground. This will both protect your lawn health as well as lower the population of Japanese Beetles that will emerge at attack your garden.
The beetles mature and begin to appear in May in southern areas and can last until October. Japanese Beetles are found predominantly in the Eastern US but have spread throughout most of the country. The damage they cause to lawns and gardens is extremely expensive.
A very effective Japanese Beetle control program is the combination of killing larvae in the ground with nematodes and other (preferably natural) means of larvae control and with the use of scented traps. A proactive control practice like this can safely fight Japanese Beetles to maintain the quality of your yard and health of your garden without the use of toxic poisons.
Donaldson Farms provides a non-toxic Japanese Beetle Lure gel that is EPA Minimum Risk compliant and can either be used on its own or to refresh old trap lure tablets. Unlike lure tablets, our product does not look like candy and is less likely to be accidentally consumed.
Japanese Beetle Map
Japanese Beetle Larvae
Japanese Beetles begin their damaging lives below ground. Larvae eat plant roots and can cause major problems for those who want a nice lawn.
Adult Japanese Beetle
Image of an adult Japanese Beetle
Japanese Beetle Damage
Swarms of Japanese Beetles can strip plants, including crops and garden plants, bare within hours.
Refresh oldlure tablet
Japanese Beetle traps use bright colors and scent lures to attract and trap Japanese Beetles in bags. Old chemical lure tablets can either be refreshed or replaced completely with Donaldson Farms All Natural Japanese Beetle Trap Lure.


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