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Carpenter Bee Basics

What are carpenter bees (also known as wood bees)? Carpenter bees are species found in the genus Xylocopa and generally nest by burrowing in to hard materials like wood (thus the name “carpenter bee”).
The problem we have with carpenter bees is that they don’t just live in dead trees out in the woods. Too often they’re found drilling into your wooden deck, stair rails or fence posts. Even worse, if you happen to have a log cabin, they could eat right into your home. Every year they return to burrow new holes, lay eggs and repeat over and over.
You wouldn’t let somebody walk up to your house and start drilling half inch holes in anything made of wood would you? Nope. Eventually that would ruin everything. That’s exactly what carpenter bees are doing. Drilling deep, half inch holes, ruining your home, costing you money.
Sawdust piles are signs of carpenter bee drilling.

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